The World of Saunas


Hammam - Turkish sauna with aroma and chromotherapy


Turkish bath is characterized by a very high humidity (over 90%) and lower temperature (45 ° C). Breathe warm steam, infused with aromas of various herbs and scents cleansing the lungs. It is particularly suitable for women with inelastic peripheral blood vessels (capillaries) and for those who do not like high temperatures.


Finish sauna


Heated in a wooden room with hot, dry air around 90° C and lower humidity. The user afterwards quickly cools down with cold shower or an ice massage. It encourages sweating and thus the loss of toxins. By pouring water over the hot stones, extra steam intensifies sweating.


Bio sauna


Similar to Finnish sauna but the temperature is much lower (around 60 ° C) and humidity much higher (around 45%). The air is infused with the aromas of herbs. It is less tiring than the Finnish sauna suitable for those who can not tolerate high temperatures.




An ideal introduction to the sensory experience of à la Sense, is relaxing in this attractive pool with five massage zones (4 x 6 m). The individual massage zones with water or air jet can be turned on any time . And the pleasure begins...



To provide the complete relaxation and pleasure, you have to make a reservation for visiting our saunas. The phone number for reservation is: 01 588 26 00 or 030 388 388.