Endosphères® therapy for face and body


Compressive micro-vibration® Endospheres® Therapy


The compressive micro-vibration® Endosphères® therapy is a treatment that allows the reactivation of blood circulation and therefore it improves skin trophism and cellular oxygenation. The new revolutionary compressive micro-vibration® Endosphères® therapy treatment guarantees extraordinary results in only a few sessions.



Endospheres® therapy is the innovating mix between beauty and health, it is the one method able to care such complex pathologies as septal secundary lymohoedema and celulite. This method permits to obtain such encouraging results that can be considered much more satisfying than a medical therapy.   


The skin tissue compaction is obtained by a pressure which makes possible to break the under peel fat deposits hence have a smoothing effect through a lympho-draining process. The perspiration and increase of temperature are the most remarkable repairing effects achieved thanks to Endospheres therapy.


The method certifies best results especially on the main muscular parts (back, dorsal longitudinal fasciculus, lumbar region, gluteus) thanks to a depressant action on hyperactive nerves, motor and sensory tracts. Endospheres therapy mainly focuses on muscles allowing the finally suppleness of the muscle fibres so as to phase out every sort of contracture in only few treatments.


Endospheres® therapy is a safe method created to treat some specific body parts without damaging both the lymphatic system and venous ducts. Additionally Endospheres® therapy has a sedative effect on muscle and back aching, helps alleviate and rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic secundary lymphoedema and finally it is good to remove water retention.


Kompresivna mikrovibracija


Ak55® Compressive Micro-vibration® Endospheres® Therapy for body


Its about a particular kind of micro-vibrating compression (microvibrazione compressiva) transmitting its action on tissue by a cylinder composed by 55 rolling spheres. The spheres (40-254 hz frequency) twirl around and make a pressure on the skin, generating the so called pump effect.


Therapy also successfully helps in redesigning and firming chest. It has an amazing lifting effect, so that in many cases surgery is not necessary.


AK55 kompresivna mikrovibracija


Amazing are the results against septal cellulite. Action occurs on:


1. Vascular tissues


The particular ˝cell-bee˝ arrangement of the inside muscular fibres, in perfect synergy with epidermis compression, acts by little pressures and raisings. Technically speaking its called ˝vasal exercise˝ and improves on lower body microcircilation, it allows ro neutralise the water retension of venous ducts by inverting the metabolic and blood process dynamics. Medical essaies witness that this provokes an increase of derma temperature, detected through special screen showing out visible hot spots (immagini teletermografiche). From a scientific point of view this represents a great result for the good functioning of blood circulation.


2. Tissue compaction (shaping effect)


The persistence of oedema in time causes the thickness of the skin fobrous concavities, symptom of the ˝orange peel skin˝. Endosphere therapy epitomizes a revolutionary woman beauty flaw at every age and even on consistently adipose tissues. The therapy operates through the ˝pulsating compression˝ method, that is to say: fat deposits are pressurised and as a consequence, loosens to finally break in order to render the tissues smoother and firmer.


As a result you will see a localized skin shaping effect. The outcome is extremely surprising and turns out to be much less invading than any other medical treatment.


3. Lymphatic stagnation and lymphoedema   


Lymphoedema is a clinical pathology engendered by the occlusion or lesion of the lymphatic system, which produces the increase of liquid secretion. At this stage endospheres therapy plays an important role because it generates a pulsating/rhythmic action thanks to its mini cylindrical rolls able to excrete extra lymphatic liquid; this favours the deflation of treated areas.  


Visible reduction of derma thickness is the most remarkable result ever pursued. A specific lymphoedema essay, shows that Endospheres therapy is the appropriate technique good to remarkably reduce the thickness of derma tissues. Each patient treated with this method proves to have obtained a meaningful reduction and, in most cases, does not perceive at all the painful feeling caused by this sypmtom.


4. Pain relief


The case history of a lymphoedema affected patient, testifies the typical pain effect consequential to the tissue puffiness. Medical studies prove that Endospheres therapy treats the inflammation od the lymphatic system. Body mechanic receptors desensitize and encourage a pain killing effect in a 5 hour lapse. This process thereby helps relieve the heaviness of tissues and eventually decrease the persistence of inflammation. 3-4 treatments are enough to achieve this purpose.


AK55 kompresivna mikrovibracija



AkFace® Compressive Micro-vibration® Endospheres® Therapy 


AkFace® compression micro® Endosphères® therapy redefines medical and aesthetic approach, not only in reducing cellulite and lymphatic drainage but also in facial rejuvenation. The result is achieved in 100% of the non-invasive manner.


AkFace® microvibration® compression therapy stimulates the skin and muscles on the face, neck and décolleté using 60 rotating silicon spheres. It stimulates the fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. The skin tissue increases blood flow and thus the level of oxygen and nutrients. This new therapeutic technique works on the physiological relaxation of muscles, smooths out expression wrinkles on the face.


AK55 kompresivna mikrovibracija


Incredible results


Endosphères® micro-vibration® compression therapy has been a successful method fighting cellulite and wrinkles for years. In all previous treatments there were no adverse side effects and customers were 100% satisfied. The results continue to improve with regular restorative treatments that prevent the evolution of cellulite and skin aging.


Kompresivna mikrovibracija

Kompresivna mikrovibracija