An alternative to cosmetic surgery


Care with a new high-tech beauty device

In developing CINETIC ™ EXPERT LIFT program of CARITA was developed by work of aesthetic surgeon Dr. Joël Depondtom BICHAT in hospital in Paris, which has developed a special program customized to ensure optimal results.

Deep cleaning with ultrasound

The attachment "SKIN Scrapper" works with technology ultrasonic sonophoresis. Using serum Concentra Purete removes excess sebum from the skin, cleans the pores and removes dead skin cells. Complexion is after cleaning more radiant and the effect is long-term. The efficacy of the products applied later is increased.


Massage with gloves made of silver fibers

The device has 2 types of pulsating flow with the advantages of:

Galvanic current improves the absorption of active ingredients in the product.
Faradic current stimulates muscles which consequently tighten the skin.


Luminotherapy and ultrasonic micro massage


LED bulbs are able to emit light, which has immense power to incourage mitochondrial functions. Specific color of rays by LED lamps optimize the synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts. This activates cells, which is a condition for beautiful skin.



CaritaFacial treatments

Beauty Diamond 183 € / 100 minutes

Precious ritual - source of youthfulness

More than a mere treatment, it is a ritual based on 3 virtuous cycles allowing you to immerse yourself in a regenerating bubble and enjoy a rare experience.


Source of peace deep relaxation to put the skin in a state of total receptivity.

Source of vitality: a genuine rebirth of the skin through a series of manoeuvres that harmonise and free body and mind.

Source of youth : radiance and deep regeneration.


Intensely transformed, the skin is deeply regenerated from within, the face appears rejuvenated and radiant.


Extend the benefits of this treatment with the products from the BEAUTY DIAMOND line.


Lagoon hydration 101 € / 90 minutes


Dive into Polynesian water and give your skin a burst of moisture! Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness.


Experience a high-technology treatment thanks to the power of the new LAGOON SERUM, combined with the application of a new Detoxifying Pre-Essence and the exclusive CINETIC TM LIFT EXPERT that promote the absorption of active ingredients.

Rich in essentials minerals, this extremely hydrating treatment remaxes the facial contours and revitalises your skin, revealing a radiant and luminous complexion. The skin is more plumper and fine dehydration lines appear reduced.


Extend the benefits of this treatment with products from the IDEAL HYDRATATION line.


Cotton softness 101 € / 90 minutes

Sensitive skin

During the treatment, allow the sunflower seeds of the legendary Rénovateur to massage and drain your skin… Lie back and relax in the expert hands of our artisans of beauty… Experience a high-technology treatment thanks to the power of the new Cotton Serums.

The skin is perfectly toned, soothed and supple. Comfort is restored, leaving it more resistant to irritations. Diffuse redness is reduced.


Extend the benefits of this treatment with products from the line IDEAL DOUCEUR.



Papaya purity 101 € / 90 minutes


Combination to oily skin

Rediscovered the freshness of a matte and luminous complexion. Designed to meet the needs of combination to oily skin, this treatment purifies the skin and restores its balance. Give your skin all the benefits of a “deep” cleansing with an exfoliating massage with Rénovateur combine to CINETIC TM LIFT EXPERT. The skin is left fresh, cleansed and radiant.


Extend the benefits of this treatment with products from the IDEAL CONTROLE line.



Lisse Suprême 117 € / 90 minutes


Anti-wrinkles ultra precision


The best of the expertise of the Artisans of the House of Beauty in this comprehensive new anti-wrinkle treatment that offers a multi-dimensional approach to conquer all types of wrinkles. The secret of its effectiveness? Two professional face and eye masks, combined with an ultra-targeted anti-wrinkle manual sculpting massage and a CINETIC TM LIFT EXPERT  sculpting massage for instant and lasting results!


Optimal ANTI-WRINKLE results... Embryonic wrinkles are perfectly smoothed and established wrinkles are plumped up, as if lifted. The skin is even, luminous, radiant, visibly rejuvenated and glowing with health!

Zelo natančna nega obraza proti gubam



Lift firming 122 € / 90 minutes


Toning revitalising care


Combining high-performance anti-ageing products, manual and specific massage techniques with CINETIC TMLIFT EXPERT, this firming and treatment has an immediate smoothing effect on the skin. Patches specially formulated for the eyes and lips help redefine these fragile areas.


The beauty result is immediate: the skin appears "liftes" and firmer, the complexion is fresher and brighter.

Extend the benefits of this treatment with products from the PROGRESSIF LIFT FERMETE line.


For an optimal result, it is recommended to follow up a SCULPTING GOLD PERFECTION or LIFT FIRMING care by four CINETIC TM LIFT EXPERT sessions.



Sculpting gold perfection 132 € / 100 minutes


Expert utra-firming care

An unforgettable experience combining effectiveness, performance and pleasure of the senses to rejuvenate the skin. After a draining massage using the legendary Rénovateur to reveal the skin's radiance,  the three functions microcurrents, LEDS and ultrasound are used in turn by the beautician to precise work on wrinkles, skin slackening and lack of density. Deep down in the skin, the precious « 3-GOLD COMPLEX and the GolDNA TM technology of the new LES PEPITES 3 ORS professional mask are infused during the course of the treatment thanks to the exclusive technologies of the CINETIC TM LIFT EXPERT device.

The contours are visibly toned. The skin recaptures youthfulness, vitality and radiance.


Extend the benefits of this treatment with products from the PROGRESSIF ANTI-AGE GLOBAL.


We recommend the package of four treatments. Treatments are performed on the average of three days.


101 € x 4 -20% = 317 €

117 € x 4 -20% = 368 €
122 € x 4 -20% = 384 €
132 € x 4 -20% = 416 €


The sense of efficiency: 100%

Wrinkles reduced: 100%
Improved skin texture: 100%

*The test was carried out on 16 women, average age 44 years, carried out  on 5 treatments with serum LISSE SUPREME (PRO3R) + CINETIC LIFT EXPERT for 2 weeks (D0, D2, D7, D12 and D14), which lasted 30 minutes. Repeated for 28 days. Women morning and evening applied serum LISSE SUPREME (PRO3R).